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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TZ Event in Brooklyn, NY

A reader of mine has asked me to pass the info about a TZ-related event which will occur in July in NYC, and I'm happy to oblige. Quoth him...

"It's happening in Park Slope (Brooklyn, NY) - if any of your readers are in the area on July 27th we're producing an event called Noisy Film Night, and the theme for this installation (#4) is the Twilight Zone original series. For each installation we screen (and this time it's 2 yet undecided upon episodes of TZ) we shut the sound off and improvise a new soundtrack in the context of the film (there are lots of interesting effects and dramatizing in the music, so expect a very versatile sound but wholly sensitive to the story line) - there are also 2 microphones available for ANYONE to get up and add their 2 cents - Karaoke (YES THEY CAN AD LIB!!) or poetry or even choreography (dance, improv, whatever comes to mind in the context of the story). It's absolutely free, and open to creative minds of all ages."

The interested parties can check out further info at : www.myspace.com/noisyfilmnight

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