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Monday, July 03, 2006

The 20,000 jubilee, and some odd stats

I'll admit it - I love watching the stats from this blog. Just as I got started with writing, I implemented a Statcounter invisible util which gives me in-depth data on my visitors. It's always fun reading how people come from this or that referrer (usually Wikipedia or John's TZ Page), or just which google searches have they used to reach here.

Today, I'm proud to announce that Postcards from the Zone had its 20,000th visitor, a digit which by far and away exceeded any expectations I had before starting this project. I'd like to thank everyone who read anything on this blog, left a comment, or feedback via email. I really appreciate it, as I'm working hard to make this the definite colour TZ resource on the internet, and I hope you're all enjoying it.

Speaking of stats, here are some interesting bits I learned from Statcounter. These are the episodes which people google for most :

-- Examination Day ... by far and away the most popular one.
-- A Matter of Minutes ... this is no surprise either.
-- To See the Invisible Man ... just shows my readers have good taste.
-- Her Pilgrim Soul & A Message from Charity ... next popular hits, but not nearly as frequent as Examination Day or those two above (sorry mr. Brennert ;) ).

And here are some odd google hits which bring unsuspecting surfers to this page :

-- Danica McKellar ... hot commodity of late.
-- Elan Oberon pictures ... no, I'm serious. Many a poor soul stumbled upon my panning of Opening Day looking for the photos of this fine ma'am.

There have been other "insert actress name here"+pictures google queries which got people to my blog, as well, but I'm just too tired to remember them now. It's 4AM in the morning after all, and I bid you farewell for now...look for the review of Time and Teresa Golowitz soon - Alan Brennert lists it as one of his favourite season 2 entries, so it should be good enough.

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