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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Season One awards : part 1 of 4

With fifteen episodes in the book and reviewed, it's time to dish out the quarterly awards for the best Twilight Zones. The reasoning is simple - it will be easier for me to rate those episodes fifteen (or, in later seasons, ten) at the time, as that way they are all fresh in my memory. But enough talk, let's move to the prizes, which I will oh-so-inventively title "The Rods", in honour of Rod Serling.

The Golden Rod award for Twilight Zone excellence goes to : Wordplay, Healer, Kentucky Rye, Nightcrawlers, Ye Gods, Examination Day and A Message from Charity.

The Silver Rod award for valuable addition to the Twilight Zone canon goes to : Shatterday, A Little Peace and Quiet, Dreams for Sale, Children's Zoo, Little Boy Lost, Wish Bank and If She Dies.

The Bronze Rod award for good effort goes to : Chameleon.

So as you can see, the first fifteen episodes feature a rather even 7-7-1 split, with only one episode which in my opinion didn't live up to the TZ standard. Despite many critics and writers, Marc Scott Zicree included, regarding colour TZ as a faint copy of the superior original, I still believe this series is vastly underrated and deserves more attention...and I'm hoping I'm achieving in giving it some.

Agree, disagree, praise or critics ? Leave a comment.

Comments on "Season One awards : part 1 of 4"


Anonymous MrRSerling said ... (7:17 AM) : 

I agree with your comments. The series is vastly underrated and I know it was the series that got me into TZ anyway. Keep up the great work. Your English is excellent and I'm looking forward to seeing the completed blog.


Anonymous John said ... (4:49 PM) : 

I have purchased the two DVD sets of the New Twilight Zone, and was disappointed that my wife didn't share my enthusiasm for this incarnation of the TZ. Admittedly, some are not classics, but most are above average when compared with the TV fare that was on at the time.

I have waited years (since the series was originally on TV to see these again, and I still think most are great). I had an old C-Band satellite years ago, and was able to catch some "wild-feeds" of the New TZ when TNT was showing them. Of course, "wild-feeds", true to their name, were never on at a set time, so I was only able to catch a few on VHS.

I, too, look forward to the completion of this New Twilight Zone episode list. Hopefully, there will be plenty to talk about after you complete it to keep your blog going.

Have you seen any of the UPN Twilight Zones? Some were surprisingly good.


Blogger Mairosu said ... (7:15 PM) : 

UPN Zone never aired over here, John...I remember seeing online commercials for it on Yahoo.com, and I hoped it would cross the Atlantic, but it never got here. At least not in Belgium.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:44 AM) : 

I think in terms of awards, I would have said this:

Golden Rod: Wordplay, Healer, Nightcrawlers, Examination Day, A Message from Charity.

Silver Rod: Shatterday, Chameleon, Kentucky Rye, Children's Zoo, Little Boy Lost, If She Dies, Ye Gods.

Bronze Rod: A Little Peace and Quiet, Dreams for Sale, Wish Bank.

In particular, Charity is probably the best one I've seen yet. When you applaud a TV program, there must be something really special there.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:19 AM) : 

Thanks for writing this blog!! This TZ mark II is amazing as a follow up to the original TZ...until they yanked the budget in season 3. I have to say Paladin of the Lost Hour is my fave episode, with Charity a close 2nd. thanks


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