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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

To Live and Die in the Twilight Zone

Work is slow the past few days, so I had some time to sit down and watch a few movies (and TZ episodes, obviously). Today, I sat down to check out To Live and Die in LA, a crime thriller from'85. about a pair of secret service agents trying to apprehend a major counterfeiter. And before I catch you asking why am I telling you all this, well, get this - this movie is, quite easily, the biggest congregation of 80's TZ actors this side of a legit TZ episode !

I'll go straight to the point and tell you who's who here.

William Petersen is the first-billed actor in the film, playing the lead role of detective Richard Chance. You remember him from Need to Know (1.51) , where he also fulfilled lead duties.

His girlfiend-cum-informer is portrayed by Darlanne Fluegel, a name which sounded familiar the moment I read it on the credits. Then I remembered - she plays the little boy's mother in Gramma (1.44).

Veteran actor Dean Stockwell is another major player, playing the corrupt lawyer who aids both sides. Dean featured in a season 3 episode called Room 2426 (still to be reviewed), as well as in a classic piece A Quality of Mercy.

Robert Downey Sr. also appears as the police captain, Petersen's superior. Robert directed two TZ episodes, namely Children's Zoo (1.07) and Tooth and Consequences (1.41). He also appears as an actor in Wordplay (1.03). Dwier Brown, cameoing as a doctor, also appears in Wordplay - ditto Anne Betancourt, who both here and there plays a nurse. And we also have Brian Bradley to add to this tally, who has a minor part either way.

Michael Greene plays Petersen's ex-partner, who gets waxed by the bad guys early on. He has a brief role in Kentucky Rye (1.08), I believe as Jeffrey DeMunn's business associate.

Another corrupt lawyer in the movie, another TZ alumnus. This time it's Christopher Allport, to be spotted as one of the parents in Examination Day (1.14).

Bobby Bass, playing an FBI agent here, is to be seen in Nightcrawlers (1.11).

Thomas F. Duffy, briefly appearing as a credit card counterfeiter, plays a minor role in Night of the Meek (1.30). His partner in crime in the film is Gary Cole (appearing uncredited), one of the lead parts in Her Pilgrim Soul (1.28).

And who directed the movie ? William Friedkin, also behind the camera in the aforementioned Nightcrawlers.

The movie ? Oh, wasn't bad I guess.


The DVD, the moving pictures, source of modern entertainment for every man in this 21st century. A man like MiloŇ° J., who thought that this afternoon in front of his TV would be just an ordinary excursion into the realm of celluloid fantasy. But, as he discovers, some things just stay with you, and haunt you until the end of your life. File this one under "t" for "trivia", in the long hallways filled with cabinets, filled with useless information...in the Twilight Zone.

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