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Friday, January 27, 2006

Zone fans are everywhere !

I gotta say, when I was starting this blog, my primary idea behind it was to purely jot down my own thoughts on this show, so I could read them later on when I feel I'm forgetting something. I am thus positively amazed to see that within those 45 days I'm doing this I received staggering 2000 visits, with only a small percentage coming from random blogging. Not half bad for a little blog whose only plugs are at John's TZ page and The TZ Café forums. I'll just use this occasion to thank John again for his help.

What's even better, I have visitors logging in from everywhere. Sure, the bulk of my auditorium comes from USA, but there is a select crowd of Canadians, some Britons, Irishmen, even one guy from Brussels, and one Croatian. Lest I forget, someone from Tokyo is a returning reader since my early days.

And what I really found flattering is that one of my readers is a French dude who reads my writing through Altavista translator service. A big "merci beacoup" to that fellow, and that's all - despite me living in Belgium, I plead guilty to not speaking French...I'm but a mere expatriate, and Dutch is all I could manage. I live in the Flemish part of the country anyway ;).

I hope y'all are enjoying the blog so far. Keep on reading, as there's 60+ more episodes in store.

Oh, and thanks. Nothing quite as touching as finding out you're being read across the globe.

Comments on "Zone fans are everywhere !"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:52 AM) : 

Keep up the great work! I'm thoroughly enjoying this!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:32 PM) : 

Hey, thank you for doing this! I am enjoying it as well! There has been a severe lack of information about the New Twilight Zone on the Net.

Also, thanks for the corrections on the episode order. Anything that improves the existing info is welcome.

By the way, glad to see the random letter verification. Should stop those random robot posts.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:57 AM) : 

I have tried the translator, but it's too horrible to understand anything.
So, i read you in english which is easy to understand.
But, if you allow me to continue, i'll write in french because i know the twilight zone has a big audience from frenchmen and it's more easy for me.
As yourself, i received the boxes for Christmas and i'm watching the stories every days.
Salut, et vive la "twilight zone"


Blogger Mairosu said ... (6:04 AM) : 

C'est pas problem, as you people say. Btw, I thought that the old black & white TZ was called "5. Dimension", and that the 80s one was "6th Dimension" in French ? Correct me if I'm wrong.

PS. Belgians never even heard of the TZ, mostly.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:28 AM) : 

The old twilight zone (60') was called "la quatrième dimension" (la 4ème dimension)as the 1983's movie.

The 80' new twilight zone was called "la cinquième dimension" (la 5ème dimension)because the channel who bought it was "la 5".
(They showed it for the beginning of this channel in 1986, only months between USA and France).

The 2002 twilight zone hosted by Forrest Whitaker was called "la treizième dimension" (la 13ème dimension)for the same reason : programed on a channel called "13ème rue" (13th street).

As you can see it, the brains of the deciders of the channels were in fire...

In fact, the better name or the most approaching is "la 5ème dimension" because Rod said himself : "there is a fifth dimension..."

I hope this is clear for you, now (i know it's difficult, but we are complicated in France too...)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:05 PM) : 

Excellent blog!! I (like all you guys)love the new Twilight Zone, better known in my country (Mexico) as "Dimensión Desconocida", i'm actually a teenager and that means I didn't born in the 80's, and because of that i didn't saw the series when they originally aired.
But when I was nine I found some of my parents old videocassetes and one of them had 6 episodes of "The new Twilight Zone" (dubbed) recorded in it, they were: Healer, Children's Zoo, Kentucky Rye, Little Boy Lost, Wish Bank and Nightcrawlers, i just loved all of them, and since that happened to me, i have becomed a big fan of The New Twilight Zone.

PD: Like i said before, i'm mexican, and my english is not perfect, I did my best for this.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:41 AM) : 

what a wonderful site...my satellite signal just went dead right at the most important moment of NEED TO KNOW...found your site and i could read about the part I missed
thank you
Scarlett Dee UK


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